About Wife Snoop

Helping you uncover the truth about your Wife.

What is Wife Snoop?


More than 50% of married women are currently cheating on their partner and 95%+ admit to cheating sometime in their life. Wife Snoop will help you find out what your girl is up to by getting you access to her private accounts.

With a quick Free scan, Wife Snoop will give you access to your wife's passwords for social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more. Whatever account she has hidden from you, Wife Snoop will find it!

How It Works

Wife Snoop reveals all of online activities of your wife to you with a simple scan on your computer that will find any account she has hidden from you.

Uncover & Find

Our software can uncover any kind of account: Social media, website, email, and more. Any account she has, Wife Snoop will find it.

Scan & Access

Wife Snoop will scan your computer for all her accounts absolutely Free! See what accounts you can access before you buy.

Secure & Private

We’ll never tell anyone that you’re snooping. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Help & Support

Our team of specialists are standing by to help you find out what your wife/girl is really doing.